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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Much ado about Nothing- the "nothing" is now a newsworthy topic in its own right?


Much ado about Nothing- the "nothing" is now a newsworthy topic in its own right?

Who hasn't pointed out the lack of fame-producing credentials that are absent from Hilton's celeb-cred-lacking resume...

Yet, the coverage continues...even when the coverage is on the fact that they are covering an individual whose newsworthy status is beyond the reporters' comprehension (which, today, doesn't exactly illuminate the state of Paris moreso than it does illuminate the absurdity of the reporters covering her "celebutante status").

If anything Paris is a great lens into the US (dare I say it) populations great love of demonizing that which they oh, so desparately desire, yet simultaneously deplore, and -(somewhere...lest you be fooled by the "Sweet 16-ers" on MTV...lurks the reality-stinging stuff that no TV shows would dare be made of ... :oP ...that the voyeur will never be her/his subject...there is no "Paris" rung on the career ladder (or the full-o-shit American Dream either) yet, they still keep covering her...

With news outlets and the paparazzi dutifully assembled outside of the L.A. County Correctional Facility in Lynwood, California, the unintentional queen of all media Paris Hilton made her grand exit in front of a live, international television audience early Tuesday morning.If history so chooses to refer the socialite's exodus as a circus, then Hilton is the undisputed ringmaster -- leaving those of us in the media looking like clowns. Seriously.I'm pretty sure Hilton is the only inmate that has ever been released from prison with such a spectacle. Sashaying down the walkway as if it were a red carpet, Hilton gave high-fives to the gathered crowd and ran into the arms of her mother, who gave her what would have been a heartwarming hug if she had bothered to actually get out of the SUV she was riding in. No matter. The crowd ate it up. Photographers, both still and video, bum-rushed the vehicle to try and get a closer look.


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