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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Teaching Maymester- Gender & Pop Culture Blogs 4 credits in under 3 weeks @ TCNJ


I'll be the first to admit my uncertainty in my first experience at teaching a 4 credit course (that I usually have 16 weeks to cover the material in a typical semester) in under three weeks!

I have consolidated my syllabus, added a new book (what was I thinking!?!?!) and have all 20 of the "Maymester" (TCNJ's name for this 3 week summer session that precedes the 5-week sessions during June, July, & August) students blogging!

Am I nuts...well...don't answer that if you know me ;o)

So, here are the "Maymester" bloggers:

"Maymester" Bloggers: Summer 2008

Gender & Pop Culture @ TCNJ
Women's & Gender Studies Program WGS-220


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